Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer fixed rates?

Sorry no, we do not offer cap rates, locked in, or fixed pricing. Our price varies with the oil market. 


What forms of payment do you accept? May I pay with a check?

The first 3 deliveries must be paid by either cash, money order, bank check or credit card.  After the initial  3 "cash/credit card" deliveries we do accept personal checks.   We always accept credit cards, MasterCard, Visa and Discover at the same price for your convenience.


Isn’t a check considered cash?

Checks are not considered cash. Cash, money orders or bank checks are considered cash.


I’m not sure what size my tank is...

Some standard tank sizes are a 275, which is five feet long and holds around 250 gallons, or a 330 which is six feet long and holds around 300 gallons.


How will I know if 150 gallons will fit?

In order to fit 150 gallons in a 275 the gauge must read 3/8 tank. For a 330 tank the gauge must be below 1/2. 


What if I don’t take 150 gallons?

The price for deliveries less than 150 but more than 99 gal will incur an additional .10 per gallon fee. Deliveries less than 100 gallons are subject to a $50 delivery fee. 


My tank sounds hollow, I’m sure it’s empty, but the gauge reads full?

Unfortunately you can not tell how much oil is in the tank by tapping on it. 


I got two separate charges on my credit card statement...

All credit cards are charged on the morning of delivery. For preset amounts the full amount is charged. If you don’t take what you order we adjust when the delivery driver returns. If you ordered a fill up, we estimate the gallons needed and charge accordingly. At the end of the day all cards are adjusted to reflect the total of the bill. We do not close out our credit card machine until all charges/credits are complete. It can take a couple days for your bank to approve the transaction.


Can you give me a time for my delivery?

We create our delivery schedules early on the day of delivery. Should you need a time, it’s best if you call on the delivery morning between 8-8:30. A two hour window is given and while we try to maintain that delivery window, sometimes there are delays out of our control. Should a longer that expected delay occur, we do our best to let the customer know.


Can the driver call me?

Unfortunately the drivers do not make phone calls. 


Can I request a delivery time?

We base our delivery schedule on the most economical route. The route varies every day.  You can mention if a certain time is needed and we can try to accommodate you, but it’s not always possible. 


Can I get a same day delivery?

Same day deliveries are not always possible and may incur a delivery fee. If a same day delivery is needed, it is best to give the office a call as soon as possible or even leave a message on the machine if not during business hours.


I need to change the amount I ordered or change payment mode after hours...

If you have changes to your delivery after hours, please leave a message on the machine and we will get back to you when the office opens. 


Do you deliver on saturdays?

We only deliver on Saturdays during the cold winter months, but the spots fill up fast. We also do not deliver to every town on every Saturday. 


What are the benefits of automatic delivery?

No worries! We keep your tank full and you get the best C.O.D. rate we have available at delivery. 

I'm selling my house and need to know how much oil is left in the tank...

While we do not offer tank readings ourselves, should you be in need and you have the ability of getting us the actual inches measured in your tank (we do not go by the gauge), we can send an email with the proper information to the attorney.  This is a courtesy and done at our convenience.  With this in mind, we must be contacted at least one week prior to the closing for a tank reading email.  If you are unable to obtain the reading yourself, we also can recommend a service technician to come out and do the reading as a service call. Any questions, please give the office a call.